For all my life I've known that the straight and narrow path was not for me. That the existence I lead should be full of uncharted colors and sounds that have never been heard. Even in my adolescence before I discovered my gift as a writer and my power as a voice, I deviated, I had no desire to follow, I #DRIFTED. Now that I am a man, that i am powerful and I am better I have learned to embrace that the only way to be me successfully is to be me totally. To look beyond what the world dictates to you and I as what we should is to do what is right for us. Im not the only one who has spent years learning and developing my gifts, researching the science of being discovered and trying to apply a formula to being found .... only for it to not happen. WE ARE THE #DRIFTED. There are so many of us that share a common story of knowing that life for us has no punch clock, happiness is more valuable than our pay stub, and that our sense of meaning is somewhere in the distance, beyond the defined lines, and somewhere on the fringes. Now that I have discovered myself, allow me to show you what i have discovered, perhaps when you hear my story, you will hear your own, and together we can be #DRIFTED .... together








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